Muschelhaufen meaning ‘heap of shells' was a privately published and yearly edited magazine for literature and graphic art. The texts in Muschelhaufen (spread on approx. 200 pages) were exclusively first publications.

Muschelhaufen used to offer a normal edition and a special edition. The special edition consisted of 350 copies containing an original graphic print numbered and signed by the artist.

Texts and pictures in Muschelhaufen were contributed by all sorts of authors and artists: the less well known writer met the prominent poet, the younger artist the older novelist etc. Among lots of others, renowned German writing poets and novelists like Ernst Jandl, Karl Krolow, Günter Kunert, Siegfried Lenz and Friederike Mayröcker used to publish texts in Muschelhaufen over the years.

Apart from prose and poetry each Muschelhaufen edition contains numerous essays on literary and artistic themes as well as book reviews.

In addition to the pictures that stand for themselves there is an abundance of art that illustrates the texts in Muschelhaufen. Artists from the USA, Russia, Poland, Nigeria, India, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany have offered their pictures for publication.

In 2007/2008 the last issue of Muschelhaufen – 47/48 – was published. Meanwhile all issues of the magazine are out of print and completely sold out.




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